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Come Ova! is Queens' first and only improvised sitcom.


The show invites you right through the Listretta's back door and into the living room (okay, the kitchen), as the bold and fiercely talented cast improvises a slice-of-life sitcom that takes you in, makes you family, and sends you off with a loving slap upside the head.

They know who they are, but have pretty much no idea what’s gonna happen. It’s a situational comedy the way it was meant to be, and Ma just knows you’re gonna love it–-whaddya mean how does she know? Cause she’s ya mother, that’s how!


"Using the charm and quick-thinking of its talented cast, Come Ova manages to achieve what so many sitcoms only attempt. It is as captivating as it is comforting, and left me with the combined satisfaction of a good Netflix binge and a live show. So Come on Ova, and live out your fantasy of being in the live studio audience of New York's best-written sitcom, that wasn't written at all."

- Stellar Underground

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